We desperately need to complete several of our training and activity rooms. The picture above to the far left is a current picture of the construction underway for our computer rooms, music and arts rooms. There will be computer training, introduction graphic design classes, a youth radio station, recording studio, expressive arts and more! We are directing youth and seniors to embrace the future with hope and the assurance that dreams do come true and prosperity is just a moment in time away. Our Ball Room ( picture to the far right) is at a stand still and we are preparing to have a top rated Ball Room / Multipurpose room in the heart of our community! And yes, it is very needed! Our UJAMAA room, is our second primary multipurpose room (featured in the center picture with the dark purple chairs" is also in need of completion. Both will assist us to put income back into UJAMAA to offer many more wonderful programs, services and activities! Please Make Your Contribution Today! Help us to empower and change lives as we help to build new futures!     


we need your help! 

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​​​​​​​​​​​"instilling hope and Uniting Our communities!"  

we are building the dream!

Welcome to UJAMAA Community Facility! Our spacious facility is prospering and we are still under construction! We currently facilitate multiple programs that include, job training, community youth programs, senior assistance programs, a Memory Cafe' (non medical) designed to help build memory capacity, home maintenance seminars, CNA certification training classes and more! UJAMAA is working hard to complete other areas in our facility to be able to do even more for our surrounding communities!

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